Back to the Future

As this course winds down and we have learned about many new technologies that are being used in journalism today and lots of people who are innovating and finding new ways to tell stories, we turn our gaze once again to the future, and to possibilities that we can envision for journalism technology.

As much as I have not been a fan of wearables in the past, I can’t deny that they will become the norm for consumers in the future. Whether the future of wearables ends up in smart tattoos, implanted devices or something no one’s even thought of yet, people are going to continue to demand instant, interactive access to their media. Personally, I think the intersection of virtual reality/augmented reality and wearables is an exciting prospect. Virtual reality headsets exist now, but they are still too bulky to be considered practical for many average consumers. I can see a future where sleek, non-intrusive wearables can access virtual and augmented reality experiences. These experiences could be based on location or on a consumer’s preferences, or just be accessible like websites are today.

I’d like to believe that those in the journalism industry have learned their lesson from the transition to the digital age and will work on staying up-to-date with technology, and even breaking new ground with new technologies. This will require tech-savvy journalists who are willing to experiment and push boundaries to create new storytelling experiences. This is an exciting place for the journalism profession to be, and I look forward to making my contribution.


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