WordPress – My Take

Having never used a blogging platform before, I think WordPress is a very intuitive, easy to use content management system. The layout of the dashboard makes it very clear how to add content, pages and posts, and how to change settings. The free themes include a lot of options, and the availability of premium themes ensures that people who want more functionality or a more advanced design have access to those things. I definitely think it’s effective for personal sites, especially those of people just starting a blog or new to content management system technology.

I have a lot of experience using the Department of Defense’s in-house content management system to post content to the DoD website, as well as the CMS at the DoD agency where I now work, and both of those system are much more complicated than WordPress. Of course, both were designed specifically to fit DoD’s needs, so they are naturally different than a CMS that caters to many different types of users.

One of the aspects I like about WordPress is the Reader feature that allows you to see content from your own site or other sites you follow in one location. Within the Reader, the Discover feature is a nice way to get new users started following other blogs, as well as alert seasoned users to content they may not have been aware of.

Discover WordPress

It seems like, using WordPress, you could easily create a network of blogs and bloggers around a shared topic. I think WordPress could also be effective for businesses, but it would need a tech-savvy person to fully unlock its potential. For enterprise use, I think WordPress would need to be used in conjunction with a business website, social media and other aspects of a robust web presence. Businesses need access to ecommerce, marketing, and customer interaction to be successful on the web. WordPress offers a level of interaction, but would need to be linked to social media to maximize that aspect.


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